Friday, May 13, 2011

Easter Party (posted in Mid-May of course!)

I know I haven't posted and it seems silly to post the Easter pics now but I thought I would share.

We usually have an egg dyeing party with our neighbors. We cookout, eat, dye eggs, and then hunt Easter Eggs in the dark!
I made easy cupcakes with Peep Bunnies and jelly beans!
I have to admit that I went a little "Peep" crazy this year. My family has always made a candy using cornflakes and marshmallows (ala rice crispy treats) so I modified the appearance and made nests for my little Peep birds!
My wonderful neighbors bring tasty and really cute treats to share! Check out Melissa's bunny lollipops!

We set up an egg-dyeing table outside and bought all kinds of fun kits and stickers to make our eggs. I even had glue, glitter, and sequins this year! Everyone brings eggs to decorate and lots of ideas!
We even had a surprise appearance by "Eggston" Bieber!

I put goodies in the eggs and add a little reflective tape. Everyone has to bring a flashlight to find the eggs after the dads hide them. Even the teenagers enjoy hunting eggs and really get competitive!

Lots of fun with friends and family! I've already got some new ideas for next Easter!

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