Sunday, March 20, 2011

Camp Fires and China!

My new drill came in on Friday and is still in the box! I am dying to get it out and play with it but I have house stuff to catch up on. My youngest crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts this weekend and we spent our time at the campgrounds. I smell like a campfire! My oldest is on his way home from his Spring Break trip to Texas. He fished for the entire week. Laundry may bury me before the day is over.

I bought a teacup and saucer at the thrift store to try my new drill and bits on. I really want to make light fixtures out of china and glass wear. I went to several garage sales this weekend looking for more china but of course when I don't want something, its everywher and when I do it isn't to be found. I did buy a couple of great antique jars to put flowers in. I have two of these with lids. I just like the way the sun shines through them when they are in the window.

  A while back I bought this great picture frame at an estate sale. I just took a canvas that was the right size, covered it with batting and fabric and slid it in the frame. Now I have a bulletin board that I can use to display business cards. Thumbtacks work great on it. This could be a great display for photos or school work too! I didn't have to glue the canvas in because it fit snugly with the fabric. It works to my advantage because now I can change out the fabric to work with the seasons!

Not your average corkboard!

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