Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fru Fru and Camo -- paradise!

Today I gave my husband a gift -- an entire room (10' X 5.5') for all the camo, deer calls, turkey calls, etc. that go along with hunting. We have a storage room that was in dire need of emptying and today was the day. I have a large selection of stuff heading to the humane shelter for their thrift store and lots of things went out to the workshop/garage! The result was a room that had all the shelves and hooks he could need for all the hunting stuff that piles up from October until ... well whenever I clean it up. I told him that anything I found related to hunting would now end up in that room. I have some craft stuff that has been displaced but it was worth it. I will find it a home.

Now.... Presenting ....
My before and after from the Habitat for Humanity Store!

after -- TOTALLY Fru Fru huh?

Now that the camo is out of our bedroom, my youngest helped me move THE desk in. I still need a cute cushion for it but it turned out really great -- Very Girly! I thought I had the right picture to put above it but I'm not quite happy with it. I saw some really cute ones at Cat's Treasures so I might have to take my paint sample back there and see what I can find.

It was a fun project and honestly not very functional but I really like it! The chair could use some touching up but that can wait. I just wanted to see it inside.

Now on to my next project ... I feel like a mad scientist! Speaking of science, not that it really related, I smoked the turkey today. The little bite I tried was good but a little dry. I think I need a new meat thermometer. We'll be having the turkey for dinner tonight. Not sure about what sides, but lately I have absolutely avoided the grocery store, so we will have whatever is in the pantry. My grocery store strike is starting to show. We are low on Poptarts and Pinot Grigio. I just might have to go out this afternoon!

This is one of the blogs I follow. It really helps to check out other folks since I'm the new kid in town ...

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  1. Love love love it! Keep it up. Hate a blog that is not updated regularly and you have lots to share!