Friday, March 11, 2011

Green Paint and Turkey Season

The sun is finally peeking out promising a beautiful day and a fabulous weekend! The guys are going fishing and turkey hunting so I will get to tackles some projects around here.

lyndhurst spring eve
I am ready to finish the white part of the drawers and make a "Lowe's" run to get the paint for the front of them and the majority of the desk. I've been toting around the paint sample "Lyndhurst Spring Eve" by Valspar for weeks. Isn't it a great color? I can't wait to get this desk in my room. I don't think I want to commit to painting a whole room right now but this will be a great addition of a very comforting color for me. Of course now I will have to clean my room. It looks like a Camo clearance sell similar to the second day of the yearly Victoria's Secret Bra Sale but with less lace! There is Camo everywhere. Of course, I guess it will go with the green!

Speaking of Camouflage -- We have just wrapped up Deer season here and are starting Turkey season so it can't be just tucked away just yet. In fact, I had to meet my husband this week to try on snake boots for me and my youngest since we have the same size feet right now. I'm sure that is a sign of love when your honey buys you snake boots.

A few weeks ago I found some great old silverware (real silver) that I want to use to accent a sign in my kitchen. Its a rustic "EAT" sign that I plan to put over the kitchen window. Check it out here knockoffdecor, there is even a tutorial on how to make it! I would love to make the one with keys too! I'll show you how mine turns out. Couldn't you just eat it up?!

Found another project that is TOO cool! This has to go on my project wish list. Not sure where i would put it but I'm thinking above my sink in the kitchen. I've been wanting a pendent light there. Think this would work with the "EAT" sign? I need a drill bit to use on ceramic. Guess that's another thing on my shopping list at Lowes.

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