Sunday, March 13, 2011

Desk Parts and Turkey Parts (Parts is Parts)

My youngest got his first turkey this morning! I got up at 3 or 4, or maybe 2. This time change always kills me. Anyway, it was REALLY early. They left, I went back to sleep and he woke me with THE call at 8 (I think it was). He shot a big ol' Tom. His excitement was contagious! I forwarded the pic from my phone to my friends and spread the word. He is so proud!

I got up and proceeded to do some housework and then work on my desk. It is SO close to being finished. I decided to use "Kilz" on the desk top because I saw some of the stain coming through the green sides (which is ok since I want the distressed look). Then I went to Lowes to get more paint. I could have probably bought a desk for about what I've spent on paint and supplies but it wouldn't have been nearly as fun! I found the perfect color for the top at Lowes and painted it and the moulding. Now I just have to paint the rest of the hardware (I ran out of spray paint) and re-assemble the whole thing. I was going to glaze it so that it looked antinque but now I'm really liking the way it looks. Almost ready for the "after" shot. Apparently Lowes set their clocks correctly and proceeded to close at 6 pm so I don't have the last can of paint I need. Wonder what time they open!? check out the drawers with the hardware!

Then I was priviledged to clean the turkey parts. Apparently there are certain parts that you HAVE to keep. I cleaned the meat and put it in to soak. I will either smoke it or fry it in the next few days. Recipes to follow of course ...

I thought this picture was perfect since you can see the turkey parts and my paint brushes right there together in the KITCHEN!
Maybe tomorrow I will be able to finish the desk and start the chair. I think its going to be white and then I have to go fabric shopping for the cushion. Stay tuned...

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