Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ready for Spring and Monkey Grass (for real!)

We've had a preview of Spring so now I'm ready. I already have visions of petunias and other annuals dancing in my head! This year I think I want to get a little old fashioned and put monkey grass along my flower beds. There is just something so defined about a flowerbed lined with monkey grass.

I also want to plant another type of lily to add to the color. All this makes me sound like a true gardener, don't get too impressed, I enjoy it until the next project jumps out in front of me.

I currently have an old wooden desk dismantled in my workshop. I bought it at the Habitat for Humanity store in south Montgomery. I replaced the bottoms of the drawers, removed the hardware and moulding, sanded the whole thing and am now in the process (between rainy/cold days and nice ones) of painting the inside/backside/outside of the drawers. The desk will be very "girly" when I'm finished. I'm going to paint it green with a white top. I plan to paint the fronts of the drawers green as well. I got a chair with the desk that also needed some "love"
I plan to repair the woven seat, paint it white and sew a new cushion to complement the desk.

All this and a flowerbed too huh?

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