Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Teacups and a Drill Press!

He loves me! I've been wanting to play around with teacups, plates and general china to make lamps anl light fixtures. In order to do that, I needed special drill bits. My wonderful husband ordered a new tabletop drill press with a laser AND the drill bits. This cool stuff should be here Friday and I can start yet another project or two!

The desk is finished and I'm waiting to get it moved in before I take the picture. One lesson learned -- the drawers don't fit the same with paint on them! After all was painted and finished, I started putting the drawers back in and 3 of them didn't fit. I had to sand them down and repaint them. My husband even helped with one when I just couldn't get it right. Now all the drawers fit and the white hardware looks great! I primed and painted the chair that goes with it. For some reason, the paint didn't look right in a couple places so I need to sand and repaint those spots. Otherwise, now I'm just down to making a cushion. Gotta find just the right fabric.

I went to Cat's Treasures in Eclectic yesterday and found some great teacups and saucers. I also bought some old tea tins that I could plant some herbs in and I put them in the kitchen window. Can't wait to see the plants come up!

Tomorrow I will be smoking the turkey that my youngest killed on Sunday. Should be a great dinner!

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  1. It was great seeing you and I hope you have fun with the tea cups that you bought from me.