Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pedestals and Birthday cakes!

Finally, I'm getting to sit down and catch up. Sort of ...

Last week I was getting ready for my 16 year old's birthday party. We started with a scavenger hunt around town. There were four team of 4-5 kids each with an adult driving. I know many of the kids have licenses, but I wanted the adults with them anyway so it worked out great. The list included the following:

___ A disposable coffee cup with a business logo signed by an employee.
___ A take-out menu.
___ A free promotional pen (must have company's info on it).
___ A newspaper clipping of a women's event.
___ A 1980 coin (any denomination).
___ A family recipe from a local resident.
___ A bank deposit slip/envelope
___ How many swings are at Goldstar Park?
___ Napkin with Restaurant name on it
___ A pizza coupon.
___ How many arches on the Bibb Grave Bridge?
___ A business card from a local business

Take Photos of the Following:
___ Team member standing beside sign for Yard Sale happening tomorrow
___ Someone walking their dog.
___ Team with an American flag in the background
___  An out-of-state license plate
___ The longest limo (or car) you can find.
___ The most colorful car you can find
___ The team playing air-guitar in front of a local business that’s open
___ a picture of a hunting related decal on someone’s vehicle

It was great! The took off like an episode of The Amazing Race! While they were gone for the hour and 15 minutes, I went to pick up the pizzas. When I got back, there was one team back and they ran down the driveway to meet me! The other teams came soon after and they all had a blast! They had all found different items around town. I especially liked the photos of the teams playing air guitar in front of an open business!
During the hunt, a DJ was setting up and surprized many of our guests! The kids started out in separate groups but ended up dancing before too long. Our DJ Kenny from K&S DJ services really got them moving!
My husband took over the workshop to finally install electricity and lights so I had to get creative without using many tools or the workshop. I have recently been frequenting the thrift stores in search of china -- any pattern and any color! I am having a great time glueing the pieces together to create cake plates and other kinds of pedestal dishes.
 I also made an Easter wreath out of an vine wreath that I had. I got the vines on a scouting expedition with my husband at our hunting club and brought them home, formed them and let them dry. I usually decoreate it with something for different holidays.

I had some plastice Easter eggs and some tulle so I wrapped the wreath and added the eggs. Turned out just like I imagined and added a touch of Easter. I have other decoration but I haven't put them up yet.

Easter Wreath

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  1. I Love, just love the plates. Great idea! Gives me more ideas. Saw some stuff this morning at a yard sale that now I wished I had bought.
    The birthday party sounded like fun!
    Hope you have a great weekend!