Saturday, March 12, 2011

Possums, Paintball, and Primer

Last week my wonderful husband woke me up to ask where the BBs are. Apparently there was a HUGE possum (I know it starts with an O but seriously -- who does that?) eating our cats' food. The cats were just standing back and letting him have his share. I didn't know where the BBs were so my husband and my 16 year old son got out the trusy paintball gun. You guessed it, we now have a possum running around with big orange spots on his side. I'm sure all the other possums fell out of the trees laughing when he got home! My husband said that the possum wouldn't be back but we all know better -- wait for it -- a possum doesn't change his spots!

Now back to MY painting. My husband is gettng my paint for the desk this morning. I hope to have a drawer or two painted this afternoon so I can see how the color is going to look. I can't wait! But I do have to wait until after Soccer.

I thought I might need to let you know what has and has not worked on the drawers so far. The desk was thickly stained very dark. No wood was actually showing through. The stain had gotten old and almost sticky so it had to go! I sanded the whole thing and bought some chemical to "degloss" anything that I missed and to degloss the moulding. Then I repaired the drawers and taped them off. I primed the back, bottom, sides and insides with spray primer. Then I stood them out on the driveway to dry. As you can imagine, it looked like a very pitiful cemetery with all the gray drawers standing on end facing every direction.

Then I tried white spray paint. My finger got tired and it just didn't cover like I was imagining. Now I have a gallon of "Kilz" and it's working ok, wouldn't want to use it for the desktop though. Today I hope to put a second coat and when it dries take the tape off and paint so I can get a good feel about how the green will look.

I want to use the original drawer pulls. They have a light coating of rust on the back so now I'm off to google cleaning them before I paint them white.

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